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Wife Swap (2017) looks humorously at the struggles of a creative in a corporate environment.

Drawing from the popular 2000's reality television show of the same name, whereby two families from wildly different backgrounds swap wives, therefore opening up new perspectives and ways of seeing the world (hopefully).  

With this in mind the artist draws out her own narratives and anecdotal experiences of sitting at the desk of someone else, where the previous occupant is allowed but one (1) personal effect on their desk within this co-working environment. This personal effect, is most often a framed family portrait, shot in a studio, staged and guided by the cues of a photographer.

Wife Swap imagines becoming part of this framed (1) personal effect to make sense of her own existential struggles in unfamiliar, corporate territory, while imagining what the artist's own personal effect may be. Which she often speculates, could possibly be one (1) single cigarette butt.

This work was shown as part of Pure Contemplation Without Knowledge 9 at Nyisztor Studio in September 2017.

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