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Moana Project Space presented their first major exhibition for 2018. It is a long time since this moment was presented at Old Customs House in Fremantle as part of the Unhallowed Arts Festival.

It is a long time since this moment was a speculative imagining of how we might understand our relationships and ways of being in the world against a backdrop of rapidly shifting ecosystems, capital and labour. These changes can no longer necessarily be called ‘progress’. As our environment deteriorates, so too does humanity’s constructed notions of the body, the self, and the human as distinct from our ecologies, our technologies, and other creatures. The artists featured examine how interrelated systems of bodies—human and nonhuman—may interact and inform one another. In this way, they reimagine our relationship to the past, present, and future of the world.

Featuring the work of Matt Aitken & Mei Swan Lim (WA), Archie Barry (VIC), Marisa Georgiou (QLD), Red Slyme Incubator (NZ), and Nadege Philippe-Janon (TAS), It is a long time since this moment explores our anxieties around the survival of life on Earth and our future possibilities of connections with other beings, objects, and environments.

It is a long time since this moment is curated by Moana Project Space’s Jess Boyce, Grace Connors, Miranda Johnson, and Matthew Siddall, and supported by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Artsource, and SymbioticA.

Unhallowed Arts is a collection of art events presented by SymbioticA and occurring in Perth throughout September and October 2018. The festival celebrated the bicentenary of Mary (Godwin) Shelley’s Frankenstein; exploring the text’s influence on contemporary life, art and culture. 

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