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Light as a Feather… was an exploration of the continuing cultural influence of the teen witch. In the wake of a shifting global political climate, magic manifests as a pop cultural symbol for empowerment and positivism.

The exhibition comprised of a series of performative rituals and installations; a collaborative network of artistic practices, harnessing witchcraft and magic in its many forms. Bringing together the work of established and emerging artists, conjuring quasi-rituals and pseudo-scientific experiments to call upon the witch’s enduring feminist strength and the role of superstition and talismans in our prevailing mood of uncertainty.

Featuring the work of Soda_Jerk, Oliver Hull & Celeste Njoo, Lyndon Blue, Jack Caddy, Emma Buswell, Grace Connors, Sabina Maselli, and Eliza Gauger.

Light as a Feather… was originally exhibited at Domain House, Hobart in November 2017 for HOBINENNALE curated by Emma Buswell, Jessica Boyce, Grace Connors and Miranda Johnson.

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