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Co-curated by Grace Connors and Aisyah Aaqil Sumito, the hands should have no peace featured as part of Perth Festivals 2021 Visual Arts Programming at Cool Change.


Hands have a capacity to make and to touch, to be intimate, to love, to give and to take, to inflict great harm, or to heal. Hands are the restless, wiggling movers, changers and feelers, they dangle fingers through a perpetually running creek. the hands should have no peace takes its name from an excerpt from Nobel and Pulitzer Prize-winning American writer Toni Morrison’s novel Sula, which describes the way the mind, body and community express loss and grief. Uniting the practices of Pony (SA), Leila Baptist (VIC/WA), Claudia Nicholson (NSW), Jade O’Sullivan (WA), Andrew J Williams (WA), and Chiluba Young (WA) this exhibition uses visual storytelling to express an ‘embodied’ experience deeply connected with community and place.

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